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Teeth Tomorrow for You Today

If you are tired of dealing with dentures, schedule an appointment for Teeth Tomorrow with Amherst Village Dental.

Dr. Ang is a qualified and educated dentist who can provide you with a permanent solution for your missing teeth, and best of all, you won’t have to deal with messy adhesives.

What is Teeth Tomorrow?

The most lifelike tooth replacement on the planet, Teeth Tomorrow is an artificial tooth replacement that is surgically implanted using five or six posts. Those posts or screws will hold the dental arches in place.

Although most people are excellent candidates for this type of tooth replacement you will need a thorough examination.

During your consultation Dr. Ang will make sure that your gums are up for the task and free from disease. Gum disease and certain types of autoimmune disorders prevent the implants from fusing to the bone.

If you do have problems with your jaw bone your Amherst Village implant dentist may recommend a sinus lift or bone graft before proceeding with Teeth Tomorrow.


Osseointegration is a process that fuses the Zirconia implant to the bone. Zirconia is an excellent choice and used by dentists instead of titanium.

Before you have surgery, Dr. Ang and his team will craft your new dental bridges based on digital images, dentures if you have them, and your examination.

After your surgery you will return to the dental implant office in Amherst Village to receive your dental arches. During the next 6 months your bone will continue to heal although you will have function straight away.

Once osseointegration takes place your implants will become permanent fixtures eliminating that facial collapse that comes with dentures.

Teeth Tomorrow Amherst Village

Teeth Tomorrow is remarkable and incredibly stain resistant. Your new teeth will look and feel like your natural teeth did and be just as strong.

Just like your real teeth you will need to brush just like you used to. You will also need to schedule regular dental appointments to make sure your dental appliances are standing the test of time.

Moreover, you won’t have to avoid the foods that you used to. Unlike dentures, Teeth in a Day allows you to dig into a juicy steak or take a bite from an apple. The foods you used to enjoy will be back in rotation in no time.

If you would like to learn more about dental implants with Teeth Tomorrow schedule an appointment. Dr. Ang will be able to determine if you are a good fit.

Schedule a consultation today.

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