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Dr. Ang is passionate about helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. That’s why he’s dedicated years to studying Bioesthetic Dentistry. Bioesthetics is an innovative approach to dental care that defines optimum dental health in terms of the performance and viability of the entire chewing system – this includes the teeth, jaw joints, and supporting muscles.

Bioesthetic Dentistry was developed by Dr. Robert Lee, a world-renowned dentist and scientist. Instead of defining dental health in terms of diseases and disorders, Dr. Lee studied patients with healthy, well-functioning teeth, looking for universal principles that indicates optimum oral health.

After studying many older patients with perfect, fully-functioning smiles, Dr. Lee established an ideal for determining a healthy chewing system.

Dr. Ang’s Bite Correction Strategy

Dr. Ang uses the principles designed by Dr. Lee to provide you with healthy teeth and gums and a well-aligned bite. Dr. Ang’s bite correction strategy can treat a variety of issues including jaw pain, headaches, and the erosion of tooth enamel.

An additional benefit to having a balanced chewing system can also include improvements in your facial appearance. Instead of sagging cheeks or a crooked jaw, the Bioesthetic care at our Amherst Village Dental practice helps repair and restore your facilal structure.

Laying The Foundation

Dentists who ignore the principles of Bioesthetic Dentistry are missing out on an opportunity to provide a comprehensive solution to their patients’ dental issues. For example, placing veneers when a person has a poor bite which wears away at their tooth enamel will cause the veneers to chip and even fall off. And trying to straighten teeth without making sure the bite is optimal can cause jaw joint and muscle pain, as well as shifting teeth.

Dr. Ang realizes that in a healthy chewing system, muscles are stable, jaw joints are relaxed, and teeth have an ideal length. Using this information, he’ll return your smile to a healthy condition.

Assessing Your Bite

Dr. Ang will assess your bite for signs of undue stress that might be disrupting the delicate balance of your chewing system. An aligned bite is one where your upper teeth fit naturally over the lower teeth and the points of your molars fit into the tops of the opposite molars. When chewing, teeth comfortably meet.

When your bite is poorly-aligned, your muscles begin to tighten, causing your jaw to move in an attempt to make your teeth touch when you chew or swallow. This will occur hundreds of times each day. Over time, it causes your teeth to wear down and become damaged, frequently leading to chronic jaw and muscle pain and discomfort.

Red Flags To Watch Out For

Do you suffer from any of these red flag symptoms? These types of symptoms (in many cases) are the result of a misaligned bite and overworked muscles and jaw joints. Most symptoms can be completely relieved with Bioesthetic Dentistry.

•Worn teeth•Painful muscles
•Clicking and popping of the jaw•Earaches
•Pain behind eyes
•Difficulty opening and closing mouth
•Ringing in ears•Tingling hands

Bioesthetic Analysis By Dr. Ang

The first step in Bioesthetic treatment is to analyze the current state of your bite – how your teeth come together, the presence of TMJ symptoms, and the state of supporting muscles.

Comprehensive Exam

Dr. Ang begins with a thorough evaluation of your current dental health, taking note of any complaints or chronic problems you might be experiencing.


Using a dental face-bow, Dr. Ang records the position of your upper teeth against the joints of the jaw and measures your bite.


A quick scan will produce a 360-degree view of your head and neck. Dr. Ang will analyze the position of your facial bones and evaluate your airway for any obstruction.

Checking Bite

The models made of your teeth and bite are mounted onto a dental articulator in order to determine the relationship of your jaw joints and determine whether your chewing system is functioning properly.

Bioesthetic Treatment

If Dr. Ang discovers you have an issue with your bite that’s currently causing you great pain or could create complications in the future, he’ll use MAGO Therapy to stabilize your bite and get an exact assessment of the condition of your chewing system.

Patients normally feel immediate relief from any painful symptoms upon beginning MAGO Therapy.

MAGO stands for Maxillary Anterior Guided Orthotic. It’s a comfortable device similar to a night-guard.

Here’s how MAGO therapy works: A person’s bite, when poor, is unstable and changes from week to week. With the MAGO appliance, the bite is adjusted until the patient finds a healthy comfort zone.

Before & AFter

Bioestheic Makeover

Bite correction with our bioesthetic dentistry techniques

MAGO Appliance Treatment

Kathy was treated with a MAGO appliance to change her bite and dental bonding to thicken and lengthen upper & lower teeth.

Dr. Ang makes periodic small adjustments to the MAGO device, allowing the jaw joints to return to their proper position. This provides relief from chronic pain.

After just a few weeks of using the MAGO device full-time, your symptoms can diminish completely. After 3 to 6 months of continuous use, the bite stabilizes and Dr. Ang is ready to make the final assessment of what needs to be done to give you a permanently well-balanced bite and relief from your pain.

Your custom treatment plan is designed to restore your chewing system to optimal efficiency, alleviating chronic pain and restoring the balance of your jaw joints, teeth, and muscles.

Dr. Ang takes another 3-D scan and new bite records and prepares a custom treatment plan that is intended to restore your chewing system to optimal efficiency. This will alleviate any chronic pain and restore the balance of your jaw joints, teeth, and muscles.

Your Healthy New Smile

Depending on the severity of your case, treatment can include the simple addition of bonding to your teeth, tooth-lengthening, the use of dental crowns, or orthodontics. For all our procedures, Dr. Ang has partnered with a state-of-the-art dental lab whose staff is fully trained in Bioesthetic principles.

Getting A Natural Face-Lift With Bioesthetic Dentistry

After treatment has been completed, you might not recognize your stunning smile in the mirror. Bioesthetic dentistry can dramatically enhance your facial features, giving you the appearance of someone who just had a face-lift. You’ll look better, feel marvelous, and smile more often.

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