Smile Gallery

Smile Gallery

Before & After Smiles

Bioesthetic Makeover

Using bioesthetic dentistry principals, this patient’s bite was corrected and her face muscles relaxes as a result.

Bioesthetic & Cosmetic Dentsitry

Cosmetic dentistry and bite correction changed this patient’s entire face!

Bioestheic Makeover

Bite correction with our bioesthetic dentistry techniques

Bioestheic Makeover

By getting the jaw and teeth into proper position, her headaches and tooth pain ceased and her whole face changed

Bioestheic Makeover

Bioesthetic Makeover Before and After

Misaligned Jaw

This patient experienced a huge difference in the structure of his face simply by fixing his misaligned jaw

Case Study

Laura's Bite Correction and Crowns

Bite Correction and Crowns

Laura received crowns to change the shape of her teeth and correct her bite. She was no longer in pain due to an incorrect bite.

Bite Correction

Laura was no longer in pain after having her bite corrected and the shape of her face changed.

Laura's Smile

Laura’s smile before and after porcelain crowns and bite correction.

Case Study

Brenda's Bite Correction and Crowns

Bite Correction and Crowns

Brenda was no longer in pain after she received crowns and had her bite corrected

Brenda's Smile

Brenda’s smile after bite correction and porcelain crowns.

Case Study

Kathy's MAGO Appliance Treatment

MAGO Appliance Treatment

Kathy was treated with a MAGO appliance to change her bite and dental bonding to thicken and lengthen upper & lower teeth.

Kathy's Bite demonstarted using Before and After Model

Side by side casts of Kathy’s teeth, left: her teeth in their pre-treatment position, right: her teeth in their comfortable position.

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