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Many people choose braces when they need their teeth straightened but are not pleased about the aesthetics of metal brackets on their teeth. Thanks to Invisalign, the flexibility of braces can be accomplished and provide our patients with a straightened, healthy smile. At Amherst Village Dental, our team encourages patients to make the right decisions that work best for their needs.

Why Is Invisalign So Popular?

Invisalign aligners are clear oral appliances made of special plastic called SmartTrack, and the aligners are easy to wear and as effective as traditional braces when it comes to straightening teeth. They are removable at will by the user, which will make eating, drinking, and snacking easier. Invisalign braces are mostly transparent. Additionally, Invisalign aligners are worn as retainers, making the wearing process consistent throughout the straightening process. Invisalign aligners are more comfortable than traditional braces due to the absence of metal brackets and wires. Invisalign aligners also do not have dietary restrictions like traditional braces do. Finally, there are fewer follow-up appointments regarding Invisalign aligners, and the appointments tend to be quicker.

Issues To Consider With Invisalign

Invisalign aligners might not be the best choice for patients with budget restrictions, as Invisalign aligners are typically more expensive than traditional braces. Some patients will require attachments to keep the Invisalign aligners in place, and excessive attachments will be visible to other people. Patients who wear the Invisalign aligners for the first time might encounter pain or discomfort as their teeth adjust to the aligners. Patients with Invisalign aligners will need to modify their oral care habits; patients will have to brush their teeth after every meal and every snack to avoid spreading food particles to their aligners.

Is Invisalign Right For Everyone?

The Invisalign braces have to be worn every day for 22 hours a day. The 2-hour window is ideal for meals and cleaning. In order for the aligners to perform their intended function properly, they must give the teeth steady, gentle pressure. Failure to wear the aligners every day for the correct amount of time will negate the intent of the aligners. But when patients wear the aligners as intended, the results can be pleasing to the patients. An alternative to both Invisalign aligners and traditional braces is lingual braces. Lingual braces are similar to traditional braces, but they are located behind the teeth instead of in front of the teeth. This makes the lingual braces almost invisible. And since they’re in the patient’s mouth until they’re removed, the patient won’t have to worry about misplacing them or being non-compliant. However, Invisalign costs less than lingual braces. Traditional braces, however, are significantly lower in cost than Invisalign or lingual braces.

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