One thing most people are conscious of is the appearance of their smile. Most times this is due to the alignment of their teeth. Surely, when you have misaligned teeth, you are always careful how you laugh or smile, since you’re not confident of your appearance. Thanks to Invisalign, you can always get that beautiful smile you always wanted, without the worries of using obvious braces or even undergoing surgery. Our patients at Amherst Village Dental enjoy transformed smiles with our Invisalign treatments.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a cosmetic treatment in orthodontics that uses a collection of personalized clear aligners to realign the teeth of a patient. Invisalign is usually made with plastic that is medically tested and certified. This plastic is very thin and is designed to fit closely on your teeth while aligning your teeth into a straight position.

Once they are on your teeth, people can hardly tell that you have them on, hence their name. So, if you are worried about your appearance when using them, you can rest assured that they are unnoticeable. As they are almost invisible, they are easily removable for much more comfortable eating and teeth cleaning.

How Do They Work?

Getting an Invisalign is a stress-free situation. Our professionals start you off with a digital scanner to get your teeth impressions. Each tooth is digitally measured and sized, and we also take x-ray measurements of your mouth. With these measurements, we proceed to create a 3-dimensional model of your mouth. With this model, we design your Invisalign aligners specifically for your teeth.

These aligners are a set that you change in timed succession as your teeth align. By the last aligner in the set prescribed to you, your teeth will have been aligned into the right position, and you can enjoy your new smile and bite alignment. The following are benefits of Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign Is Painless

For starters, this procedure is entirely painless. There is no need for any surgical process, as all you need is just measurements and a fitting session. Regular wire braces are usually painful when they are installed or adjusted, but Invisalign does not bring any pain. All you need is to change each tray aligner once its prescribed period is over.

They Are Nearly Invisible

While adults hate the visibility of braces, Invisalign is almost invisible. In fact, no one will know you have them on unless you tell them, or they come really close to observe your mouth. Invisalign are made with really clear plastic that is entirely see-through, and they are gentle enough so that they do not hurt your gums or mouth.

Invisalign Does Not Prevent Oral Functions

Having Invisalign on your teeth does not mean that you are limited to what you can eat or drink. You can eat your favorite meals, as long as they are easily removed. Moreover, you can remove your Invisalign from your mouth to eat or drink without having to worry about staining them. Their removability also means that you can brush your teeth without having them on.

Using Invisalign to correct your bite or smile is a fast process that will give you amazing results in no time. Also, they are low maintenance, if you are wondering about how much attention they require. Our team at Amherst Village Dental are ready to help you achieve the smile you always wanted. Just reach us at 603-769-8985 to learn more.

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