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Why A Regular Dental Checkup is Important

You brush twice a day, floss regularly, and maybe even swish with mouthwash. That’s fantastic! But when it comes to oral health, there’s more to the story than just a sparkling smile. Did you know a simple dental checkup at your local Amherst Village dentist could also save your life?

Early Detection is the Key

Oral cancer is a serious threat, but the good news is that early detection significantly increases the chances of successful treatment. This is where regular dental checkups, including oral cancer screenings, become vital. Dr. Ang at Amherst Village Dental prioritizes comprehensive care, and oral cancer screenings are a standard part of these routine examinations.

What Happens During a Screening?

An oral cancer screening is a quick and painless procedure. Dr. Ang will visually examine your mouth, tongue, and also your throat for any abnormalities. In addition the team may also feel your neck for lumps or enlarged lymph nodes. The entire process usually takes just a few minutes.

Why Choose Amherst Village Dental for Your Dental Checkup?

Located conveniently in Amherst Village, Dr. Ang and his team are dedicated to providing exceptional dental care for the entire family. They understand the importance of building trust and open communication with their patients, ensuring you feel comfortable and informed throughout your visit.

Beyond the Dental Checkup is a Range of Services

Amherst Village Dental offers a comprehensive range of dental services beyond screenings and checkups. Whether you’re looking for a routine cleaning, restorative treatments like fillings or crowns, or even considering cosmetic dentistry options, Dr. Ang has the expertise and experience to address your needs.

Missing Teeth? Dental Implants Offer a Permanent Solution

If you’re missing teeth, dental implants are widely considered the best replacement option. Unlike dentures, which can slip and also cause discomfort; implants are surgically placed into your jawbone, creating a stable and natural-looking foundation for a crown or bridge. Furthermore Dr. Ang is skilled in implant dentistry and can discuss if this is the right solution for you.

Invest in Your Smile, Invest in Your Health

Taking care of your oral health is an investment in your overall well-being. Regular dental checkups in Amherst Village, including oral cancer screenings, are a crucial part of preventive care. At Amherst Village Dental, Dr. Ang and his friendly team are committed to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for life.

Schedule Your Dental Checkup Today!

Remember, a routine checkup could be the key to a healthier, happier you. Call Amherst Village Dental to schedule your appointment now.

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