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Teeth Tomorrow Amherst Village

If you have always been told that you were not a good candidate for dental implants you haven’t been to Amherst Village Dental. Always on the cusp of new technology, this implant dentist in Amherst is proud to offer Teeth Tomorrow.

Teeth Tomorrow a New Life

Teeth Tomorrow in Amherst is a remarkable tooth replacement system that is designed for those who wear dentures and for patients who are losing teeth and need to have their remaining teeth extracted.

Striving to help patients be the best they can be, dental implants are the best replacement and up until about a decade weren’t the perfect option for people who wear dentures.

Depending on the state of your jaw and other factors you may or may not be a good candidate for Teeth Tomorrow. Only Dr. Ang is able to determine if you are suitable for this remarkable replacement.

Single Dental Implants

If Teeth Tomorrow isn’t an option because you are only one tooth talk to Dr. Ang about single dental implants.

Used instead of dental bridges, single dental implants act like real tooth roots. This means the post of the implant will fuse to the bone, known as osseonitegration, during healing time.

Dental Osseointegration

This amazing phenomenon is what makes dental implants so strong. Dental implant surgery takes anywhere between 6 to 12 months of healing time.

If you require bone grafting or any other additional surgeries you will need additional time to heal.

Other than bone and gum issues be aware that people who smoke and people with certain systemic diseases may be better off with other types of replacements.

In addition it is imperative to note that smoking impedes healing and people with systemic disease have immunity issues as well.

Before you enquire about teeth tomorrow talk to your primary care physician. Your doctor will be able to help you and work with Dr. Ang when it comes to dental implant placement.

Teeth Tomorrow Amherst Village

For the best replacement for missing teeth nothing is better than dental implants. Call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment for a dental implants consultation. It really does make a difference to oral and overall health.

For more information regarding teeth tomorrow, call or send a direct message and schedule a consultation in Amherst Village with Dr. Ang today.

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