Dental Routine Exam

Our team at Amherst Village Dental is here to help protect our patients’ oral health. That is why we advise all patients to have routine exams every six months. It might feel unnecessary, but routine checkups may help eliminate issues relating to oral health and identify problems early on to prevent them from being worse in the future.

Regular Exams Are A Part Of Oral Hygiene

A dental examination is a standard check-up for our patients’ oral health. The key objective is to test for oral health conditions that cannot be identified by the patient. A patient may either be on a regular appointment schedule or have agreed to arrange one because something is bothering them with their mouth. Additionally, our team is looking for tooth decay and other possible problems that an oral x-ray scan can identify. We can also test the quality of a patient’s bite, provide cleaning, and gather knowledge on the potential for oral health problems.

Expect questions about any future problems that may develop as a result of bad habits, such as smoking and heavy alcohol consumption. In order to provide the care our patients need, it is important that our patients answer truthfully so they can receive the care they need. We also do oral cancer screenings. After the exam, we’ll talk to our patients about the current state of their oral health and what they should do for self-prevention treatment. Finally, patients can book another appointment with our professionals in six months. These routine visits are beneficial for our patients’ oral health.

Proper care is needed to help patients with moderate and serious oral health problems, so visits may take longer if further testing or treatment is required. Practicing good oral hygiene during the six months leading up to the examination may result in shorter appointments. Patients should brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and floss at least once a day. Oral care along with a healthy diet full of fresh produce and less sugar and starch will keep our patients’ mouths healthy.

Benefits Of Regular Exams

In addition to detecting mouth diseases – such as cavities, gingivitis, and oral cancer – our team can detect diseases that affect a patient’s entire body – such as diabetes, heart disease, and leukemia. This is because many diseases have symptoms that affect the function and appearance of the mouth. Regular exams can also save money over time, as the cost of a cleaning every six months can be far less expensive than a series of dental implants or a custom set of dentures. Checking in with our professionals will also help our patients manage or break their bad oral care habits, decreasing their chances of developing serious oral care problems. And the professional cleanings executed during regular exams remove both tartar and plaque from the patient’s mouth, a task which patients cannot perform by themselves.

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