There are many ways we take care of our general health. Some of these practices, like tooth brushing and flossing, are vital to our dental hygiene. As simple as they are, daily brushing and flossing of our teeth are important if we want to maintain good oral hygiene and keep our smile healthy. Conditions like periodontal disease can impact our overall healthOur professionals at Amherst Village Dental have compiled these techniques to help you ensure that your brushing and flossing are effective

Why Should We Brush And Floss?

Generally, brushing and flossing in the right way contribute positively to the health of our dental hygiene. They do this by preventing cavities. Cavity happens to a tooth when the acid from gathered plaque erodes the enamel of a tooth. This may eventually lead to tooth loss, but it can be prevented when you brush and floss regularly.

Also, brushing reduces the likeliness of small and simple stains from staying on the surface of our teeth. Stains acquired from certain food and beverages or unhealthy habits such as smoking can stay on the surface of the teeth changing their appearance. Regular and effective brushing and flossing are necessary to remove the majority of these stains. Moreover, brushing and flossing reduce the chances of periodontitis and eliminates bad breath.

Effective Brushing Techniques

Using a toothpaste our experts recommend, start by pressing your toothbrush gently at a 45-degree angle. Then you scrub with a clockwise or anticlockwise motion to reach all the angles of your teeth. Repeating this motion, ensure that you cover every surface of each tooth in your mouth. Changing up the motions will increase the chances of removing every plaque that has built up.

Without neglecting the groves on each tooth, repeat the scrubbing motion on the opposite set of teeth. Your tongue and the roof of your mouth also house bacteria, so you will do well to scrub them entirely. Remember to keep a tooth brushing routine so that you do not miss any part of your mouth. Also, brushing should be done at least twice each day.

Effective Flossing Techniques

While toothbrushes are great at cleaning the surfaces of our teeth, we need to floss to reach those nooks and hidden corners in between our teeth. Flossing is very important to our dental health as it is a great way to remove plaque from the spaces between our teeth called the interdental region. Flossing these regions reduces our chances of suffering from periodontitis – a symptom of gum disease.

Proper flossing requires floss that is approximately 18 inches in length. Wrapping one end around a finger on each hand with a space up to three inches, you move the floss between the teeth gently until it reaches the gum line. Curve the floss around each tooth and move it carefully up and down many times to ensure that you remove every hidden plaque and particle.

With the right techniques, you can maintain healthy oral hygiene with just brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings and checkups. If you desire to get more personalized brushing and flossing techniques, our professionals at Amherst Village Dental will be eager to help you. Just reach us at 603-769-8985 to schedule a convenient appointment.

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