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Dental Implants Simply the Best

According to Dr. Ang dental implants will change your life allowing you to enjoy the things that you thought were gone forever.

Known as the best replacement for missing teeth, implants have taken the world by storm because these days nearly everyone is suitable for this missing tooth replacement.

Almost Everyone is a Good Fit

Your implant dentist in Amherst Village Dental explains that even people who wear dentures and those whose teeth have been missing and failing for years are still excellent candidates for dental implants.

People who wear dentures and those with missing teeth are good candidates because dental technology has changed the way dental implants work for people who used to require bone grafting surgery.

Bone Grafting Surgery

Your implant dentist explains that with Teeth Tomorrow most patients will not require bone grafting. This type of surgery used to be necessary for people who wore dentures and bridges but that is no longer the case.

Teeth nowandDental Implants

With the remarkable Teeth Tomorrow system you will be able to eat the foods you love without worrying where your teeth will end up. You will also not have to worry about juggling food around in your mouth if you have missing teeth.

With Teeth Tomorrow you can have your failing teeth removed and replaced with two arches during the same appointment.

Teeth Tomorrow consist of two arches and four posts on each arch. This eliminates the need for one screw per implants as is the case with people who only require a single dental implant instead of a bridge.

Fashioned out of Zirconia you won’t have to worry about metal allergies which can sometimes be the case with conventional metal implants. As previously mentioned, most people won’t have to deal with bone grating surgery either.

Conventional Dental Implants

Unlike Teeth Tomorrow conventional replacements don’t require a mouthful of missing teeth. Instead, traditional single implants only require enough bone to hold the post in place.

If there isn’t enough bone Dr. Ang will talk to you about bone grafting surgery which is quite common with single and multiple dental implants.

A New Life & Permanent Teeth

You really can enjoy life again with Teeth Tomorrow and dental implants. All you have to do is schedule a no obligation consultation with Amherst Village Dental. It will change your life.

Send a direct message and schedule a dental implants consultation with Dr. Ang today.

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