We often undermine the importance of our teeth until we lose them. Not only do they help us cut and chew food for easier digestion, but they also contribute to the wholeness of our beautiful and charming smiles. However, having missing teeth can make it hard for us to carry out regular oral activities, as well as dropping the confidence of our smiles. With dental implants, replacing missing teeth is as easy as having natural teeth, as they offer so many benefits. At Amherst Village Dental, we offer dental implants for patients with missing teeth, so that they can enjoy the following benefits.

Natural And Aesthetic Finish

When patients lose their teeth, there are many options that they may consider for replacement. However, none of them come as close to looking as natural as a dental implant tooth. Dental implants are designed to simulate an entire tooth from its root to the crown. Once they are placed and healed, patients can use these implants like they would use their regular teeth. They would blend into your teeth, and there is no fear of them falling out. In fact, patients may even forget that they have a dental implant placed as time goes.

Comfort And Biocompatibility

A dental implant requires an implant post, which is made of titanium, to be placed in the jawbone, and act as the tooth root. This titanium is a biocompatible material that does not cause reactions from the human body. Also, the implant post is held in place as the jawbone grows around it, securing it tightly so that it can comfortably hold the permanent crown in place. Unlike other prosthetics, implants will not come loose or cause discomfort, as it does not require frequent changing.

Bone Loss Prevention

One vital role that dental implants play is the prevention of bone loss. Our teeth play an important role in keeping our jawbone healthy and in perfect shape. The jawbone requires a certain stimulation from the movement and activities of our teeth to retain its own density and vigor. Once one or more teeth is missing, this stimulation is lost, and the jawbone in the vacant area begins to grow inwards and shrink. This causes the muscles supported in that area to sag and lose their form. As dental implants simulate complete teeth, they ensure that the jawbone continues to receive its stimulation and remain healthy.


Dental implants are the most lasting type of dental prosthetics you can get. Because they are deeply rooted in the jawbone, they can last you a lifetime. Other types of prosthetics may require regular adjustments and changes as you age, but dental implants may only require an occasional crown change. This means you save money on maintenance while being able to eat all your favorite meals without any worries. All you require is healthy oral hygiene and regular dental checks to keep your dental implants as healthy as your natural teeth.

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