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DIY Dentistry Just Say No

If your teeth and gums have seen better days don’t be tempted with DIY dentistry. Your Amherst Village dentist cannot stress the importance of avoiding DIY dentistry at all costs.

While over the counter tooth whitening products are not as bad as DIY professional kits they still won’t do you much good if you use them too often.

Too Much of a Good Thing

DIY is at it again as professional teeth whitening with prescription products are now available on Amazon and eBay. Teeth bleaching must be overseen by a dentist. If you don’t you risk see through and/or bluish looking teeth.

Sadly, companies all over the planet are now selling professional teeth whitening gels and one size fits all trays that should never be DIY.

With Amherst Village Dental you won’t have to worry about chalky or blue teeth because this dental practice only uses products that are safe for teeth.

In addition, the process is monitored by a dentist so that you won’t be applying too much gel too often.

Invisalign® Not DIY Dentistry

Speaking of DIY your Amherst Village Dentist also warns of DIY removable braces. Clear removable braces are also as damaging if not more because they move the jawbone. This could cause serious and permanent damage.

If you want to straighten your teeth schedule a no obligation Invisalign® treatment with Dr. Ang.

This Invisalign dentist understands teeth and gums and is ready to straighten your smile the right way. As a preferred provider of the world’s most popular prescription removable braces system you are in the best hands.

Furthermore you won’t have to worry about permanent damage to your jawbone and your bite with Invisalign®.

DIY Dentistry & Crowns

Saving the best for last, another leave it alone DIY so called, “Solution,” has to be dental crowns.

The web is full of dental resins that claim to repair broken crowns, fill teeth and repair chips. These must be purchased by dentists and dental practices only.

Firstly, you may not remove all of the bacteria before you permanently seal the chips, cracks or decay. Secondly, not removing the decay will cause infection. Thirdly that infection will most likely lead to an abscess.

No More DIY

As you can see DIY dentistry isn’t a good idea and is best left to Dr. Ang and his Amherst Village Dental team.

Just don’t do it and call Amherst Village Dental for a cosmetic dentistry evaluation. You will save everything in the long run.

Send a direct message and make an appointment today.

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