If you experience frequent earaches, headaches, neck pain, or swelling in your jaw, you could be suffering from TMJ Disorder (TMD). Further symptoms of TMD include difficulty opening your mouth all the way and clicking noises when you open or close your mouth.

Dr. Ang effectively treats TMD using the principles of Bioesthetic Dentistry. This unique approach to dental care is ideal for treating TMJ and other issues related to the patient’s chewing system.

Symptoms Of TMD

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. Your two temporomandibular joints are located directly below your ears. This remarkably complex joint allows your jaw to move in several different directions.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to TMD, such as stress, arthritis, and grinding your teeth or chewing your nails. Common TMD symptoms include:

•Pain and swelling in the TMJ region
•Clicking noises when opening and closing your mouth
•Pain in the neck or shoulders
•Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
•Pain while chewing

Treating Headaches And TMJ Disorder With Bioesthetic Dentistry

In a healthy chewing system, muscles are stable, jaw joints are relaxed, and teeth are practically unworn. With Bioesthetic Dentistry, the goal is to return the chewing system to full health by moving the jaw into the correct position so the bite is properly aligned.

Treating Your TMD

When the patient’s bite is not working properly, their muscles tighten in an attempt to move the jaw in a position that will make the teeth touch when they chew or swallow. This can occur hundreds of times a day, causing various types of issues such as jaw pain, headaches, and damaged or worn down teeth.

Dr. Ang uses Bioesthethic Dentistry to treat your whole chewing system – the teeth, jaw joints, and supporting muscles. He features special diagnostic tools to pinpoint the source of your pain so he can effectively treat it.

MAGO Therapy

Dr. Ang uses MAGO Therapy to relieve you of symptoms and provide optimal balance for your chewing system.

MAGO stands for Maxillary Anterior Guided Orthotic. This remarkable appliance is worn over a period of 2 to 6 months and it’s adjusted weekly until we stabilize your bite. Using MAGO, you’ll typically begin to feel relief within a few weeks of starting treatment.

Once the optimum position of the jaw and bite is achieved, Dr. Ang may elect to provide additional treatments to treat your TMD, such as lengthening your teeth with dental bonding, using orthodontics to re-position your teeth and/or jaw, or the use of dental crowns to lengthen or re-position your teeth.

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