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Our teeth are very crucial to our smile, and their whiteness contributes to this even more. Every day, many people try out different options to ensure that they keep their smiles in the best form possible. With advancements in medical and dental technologies, there are tested and trusted options to help patients brighten their smiles. One of these options is using Zoom Teeth Whitening. At Amherst Village Dental, our professionals use the Zoom whitening treatment to help patients get the bright and confident smiles they deserve.

What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

As a professional cosmetic dental procedure, Zoom Teeth Whitening is a process that combines a teeth whitening mixture and specialized LED lights to brighten your teeth color. The procedure is considered to be slightly invasive and usually lasts under an hour. After the procedure is done, you will see a noticeable change in the color shade of your teeth, giving you that confident smile you desire.

Who Can Get Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom Teeth Whitening is perfect for anyone who has a healthy set of teeth. Usually, patients with discoloration or stains on their teeth can opt for this process. Discoloration is mostly caused by food, drinks, and substances that we consume, and in some cases may be an aftermath of a traumatic event. Also, aging contributes largely to teeth discoloration as the enamels thins out, leaving the dentin to get a yellow tint. Patients in these cases are also perfect candidates for Zoom whitening. However, as effective as Zoom Teeth Whitening is, it does not work on dental bridges, crowns, or veneers.

What Is The Procedure For Zoom Teeth Whitening?

We begin with a planning stage where our professionals will thoroughly examine your teeth and gum health. We will review your dental and medical history, as well as consider your oral hygiene and habits. This planning stage also helps us determine if you will require other cosmetic procedures, or determine if you may need to work around any existing dental prosthetics you may have.

Once all of these have been resolved, we may begin the whitening procedure. Generally, it does not take more than an hour, and the procedure requires no anesthesia as it is minimally invasive. Our professionals proceed by exposing your teeth while covering your lips and gums. Then we will carefully apply the Zoom whitening mixture which contains active hydrogen peroxide. This is left on the teeth to break down and eliminate the stains and unwanted colors for 15 minutes. The whole process is activated with a special Zoom LED light.

This entire process is repeated three times to complete an entire procedure estimated at about 45 minutes. Following the completion of this process, we will apply another type of gel to lessen the sensitivity that your teeth may have developed.

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Caring For Your Teeth After A Zoom Procedure

Once the procedure is complete, you can begin to show your new bright smile. We will give you a touch-up kit that you can use at home for follow-up on your teeth. Our professionals will give you instructions on using this kit for effectiveness. You will also need to avoid certain drinks and food as well as tobacco products to ensure the longevity of your Zoom whitening. To find out if you are a perfect candidate for Zoom Teeth Whitening, please reach us at Amherst Village Dental by calling us at 603-769-8985 for a convenient consultation.




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