As a subtle method for treating patients with dental problems such as misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, or teeth gaps, Invisalign has become popular with proven results. Without the stress traditional braces may bring, Invisalign does the same job without sticking out noticeably in your mouth. If you are opting for them as a treatment option, you should know how to maintain your oral hygiene while using them. At Amherst Village Dental, we use Invisalign to treat patients with cosmetic dental issues for outstanding results, so here are detailed instructions for your oral hygiene when using Invisalign.

Clean Your Aligners Regularly

The Invisalign is a set of aligners that you are meant to wear for a period of weeks, so keeping them clean is vital. You will have to brush the tray you are currently using whenever you take them off or before you put them on. Our professionals will advise you on the most suitable type of cleaning agent. You should not use brushes with hard bristles, as you do not want to scratch your aligners and blur their transparency. You may even need to use a dedicated cleaning kit for Invisalign. This way you can be sure that you are cleaning it right with the best routine possible.

Clean Your Mouth And Teeth Regularly

While you are treating your teeth, it is important to keep them clean when using Invisalign. Before you put your aligners on, you should gently but thoroughly brush your teeth. If you do not, you will be trapping plaque and particles close to your teeth once the aligners are placed. Remember that you will be wearing them throughout your day.

Also, you should place importance on flossing too. With floss, you can remove those particles that are stuck in your interdental regions. If for any reason you are not able to brush your teeth before placing an Invisalign, make sure to rinse your mouth with clean water or mouthwash thoroughly.

Eat And Drink Cautiously

While these aligners do not restrict you from any meal, you will have to take off your Invisalign aligners before you eat. However, you may still need to watch what you eat, especially when you do not have the luxury of brushing and flossing before you put your aligners back on. You may want to stay away from food and drinks that can stain your teeth or aligners. Drinks such as coffee or soda, wine, or deep-colored juices. The only beverage you can drink with your aligners on is water.

Store Your Aligners With Care

Your Invisalign trays should be carefully stored in a case. Our professionals will give you one that you can trust. Placing them in open places can increase their chances of them picking up bacteria and germs. These will go straight in your mouth once you put your aligners in.

Also, speaking to our professionals about your daily activities and lifestyle is crucial, as we can help you figure out the best ways to keep your oral hygiene while using your aligners during your active day, and also achieve the best results in the required time. If you have any questions about getting and using Invisalign aligners, reach out to our team at Amherst Village Dental by calling us at 603-769-8985 to schedule a consultation.

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