Our team at Amherst Village Dental puts a lot of focus on treating oral diseases. That is why our team is trained and ready to perform screenings for oral cancer. Oral cancer is any form of cancer that forms in the lips, the gums, the front of the tongue, the lining inside of the cheeks, the bottom of the mouth, the hard palate, or the area behind the wisdom teeth. Screening for oral cancer is an examination for patients at high risk of developing the condition and has helped clinicians detect signs early so that the person can be treated as swiftly as possible.

Screening For Oral Cancer

Our professionals check the mouths of all patients during a routine examination so that we can identify symptoms of oral cancer. Patients are also asked about their oral hygiene care and their habits, such as smoking and heavy drinking. Smoking is significant in the analysis and diagnosis of oral cancer, as smokers are up to 5 times more at risk of developing the disease. High alcohol intake and excessive exposure of the lip to the hot sun can also contribute to the disease. Screening includes testing the whole mouth for lumps and sores. Our professionals are also searching for red and white patches in the mouth and throat. Our team will also take tissue samples to be studied and examined for traces of oral cancer.

When A Patient Is Found Positive For Oral Cancer, What Happens?

When our team is certain that a patient has developed oral cancer, the patient should be referred for care that is suitable for the condition. When oral cancer is diagnosed, surgery and radiation therapy may be required to remove infected areas. Depending on the patient’s health, the experts who will help the patient will determine which treatment is best suited.

How To Reduce The Chance Of Developing Oral Cancer

Smoking drastically increases an individual’s risk as a result of the chemicals found in tobacco. It may be difficult to quit, but we encourage our patients to get the help they need to lower their risks for health problems. Heavy drinking should also be cut back along with excessive sun exposure. There have been links between developing cancer and being overweight, as well as links between getting cancer and not exercising often. Even without the threat of oral cancer, the health benefits of losing excess weight and exercising regularly make the endeavors worthwhile. Taking an HPV vaccination will greatly reduce the patient’s chance of contracting HPV. This is beneficial since some strains of HPV can trigger oral cancer. Finally, good oral hygiene reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in a patient’s mouth, as a mouth overtaken by harmful bacteria is vulnerable to other diseases. Our team recommends brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and rinsing with fluoridated mouthwash.

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