Physical activity stimulates the mind and body, but it can harm teeth in the event of an accident. Getting teeth knocked out or broken during a game is a common occurrence, which is why sports mouthguards are strongly advised. At Amherst Village Dental, our team wants the best for our patients, and staying safe with a mouthguard will help prevent dental injuries and the expenses that come with treating injuries.

Why Wear A Mouthguard?

Having a custom mouthguard is important for our patients’ safety. Over-the-counter mouthguards don’t fit our patients’ specific sizes and mouth shapes, leading our patients to feel discomfort and looseness as they wear them. Custom mouthguards are made using an impression of our patients’ teeth to ensure that the fit is snug and comfortable. The initial expense of having a custom mouthguard is significant, but preventing an oral injury is cheaper and less hassle than reacting to one.

How Does A Mouthguard Protect Teeth?

A mouthguard is a shield that protects the teeth from impact by being a barrier between the top and bottom teeth. The mouthguards take blows that would otherwise have struck the teeth. Applying a mouthguard is as simple as slipping them onto the top teeth. Sports mouthguards are effective and can make the difference between a shattered tooth and an uneventful blow to the mouth.

Features To Consider For A Custom Sports Mouthguard

A custom sports mouthguard should fit well and fit comfortably in the patient’s mouth. The shape of the custom mouthguard should allow it to cover all of the patient’s teeth as well as the patient’s gums. The sports mouthguard should be thick enough to protect the patient from the blows associated with the patient’s sports; one example would be that a mouthguard for boxing should be thicker than a mouthguard for baseball. Finally, a sports mouthguard should be both durable and stiff, which will help it diffuse the force of a facial injury.

Benefits Of Wearing A Sports Mouthguard

Custom sports mouthguards are thick enough to protect the gums as well as the teeth. In addition, a sports mouthguard can protect the inside of the mouth from bruises, bleeding, and other damage that would be caused by impacts and injuries. Sports mouthguards also protect the jaw from problems such as broken jawbones and fractured jaws. Sports-playing patients with braces are highly-recommended to wear sports mouthguards, as the mouthguards will prevent damage to the braces. Finally, a sports mouthguard can reduce the chances of the patient receiving a neck, head, or brain injury.

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