Full-Mouth Reconstruction

All patients have unique situations, and their symptoms and situations are all different. While all patients need professional cleanings, not everyone needs a filling. Fewer still need a tooth extracted or have a crown placed. There are others who have a myriad of symptoms and conditions who require a full mouth restoration in order to correct their issues. The idea behind a full mouth restoration is to use several different procedures, each targeting a particular issue or symptom to bring the patient’s mouth condition to a higher level. If you contact us at Amherst Village Dental we can talk about what is best for your given situation.

Full Mouth Restoration, Do I Need One?

For those patients suffering from more than one symptom or condition, they will likely need a traditional dental treatment to correct the problem and then an aesthetic procedure so outwardly they look natural and the dental work will not draw unwanted attention. For instance, those patients who are missing several teeth may require several dental surgeries to correct the issue and return their mouth to normal functionality.

If you are interested in full mouth restoration, the first step is scheduling a consultation appointment. During your consultation, Dr. Bernard Ang will examine your mouth to determine the extent of the issue, and which treatment options may be applicable. The examination process may involve x-rays, photographs, 3D digital scans, impressions, and a comprehensive review of your medical records.

Full Mouth Restoration Definition

In the most basic terms, a full mouth restoration is any procedure that impacts every tooth in the oral cavity. That is not to say that every tooth has to be affected by a single procedure. For example, if we only fill a single cavity it would not be considered a full restoration but if we were to fill several cavities and place crowns as well it would be.

Once an evaluation has been made, we can make recommendations for veneers, dental implants, crowns, or dentures to satisfy the patient’s needs. Once complete, the restoration will boast a full set of artificial teeth and improve the look and feel of the patient’s mouth.

If a patient comes to our offices with severe tooth decay or advanced gum disease, we are most likely going to suggest a full mouth restoration. Even though the process is lengthy and quite expensive, the end result is a mouth free of disease and a wonderfully functional set of artificial teeth restoring the patient’s mouth to a healthy one. Any pain or discomfort they were experiencing will be alleviated. It will restore lost functionality to the teeth and jaw and help offer a higher level of oral health.

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