With the advancements in dental treatments, more people are benefiting from treating their missing teeth with dental implant technology. With dental implants replacing their missing teeth, no one has to worry about the troubles of chewing food, or even less confident smiles. Dental implants are meant to be life-long solutions for patients with missing teeth. However, their longevity can be reduced if they are not properly cared for. With this in mind, our specialists at Amherst Village Dental have put these instructions together, to help you care for your dental implants for a long lasting experience.

After Your Implant Procedure

The procedure for getting a dental implant is usually in three parts: the implant post placement, the abutment placement, and finally the crown placement. The first two usually require anesthesia. Following their placement, you may experience some swelling and discomfort. Our team will give you medications to ease the pain. You will be restricted to diets with softer meals so that you do not dislodge the implant. Once they are all healed and the crown is placed, you may eat your favorite healthy meals again.

Consistent Brushing And Flossing

Even though your dental implant teeth are artificial, they still require the same kind of care that your natural teeth get. If you never had a good tooth brushing and flossing routine, now is a great time to start. Even though they may not be susceptible to cavity or decay, plaque can still build up on and around them. Therefore, you will have to brush at least twice daily with the proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Using an interdental toothbrush is also great to reach those regions between your teeth that your regular toothbrush may not reach. For more effectiveness, your toothbrushes should not be older than three months.

Use Appropriate Dental Supplies

Picking out the right toothbrush is as important as brushing your teeth. Our professionals usually recommend toothbrushes with soft bristles. This will ensure that your brushing techniques are effective. Also, using recommended toothpaste is very important, as you want to be certain that your toothpaste is healthy for your implants and your mouth. While water flossers and mouthwash are great, you should always seek the advice of our professionals before purchasing and using them.

Avoid Unhealthy Oral Habits

Dental implants are usually as strong as our natural teeth, but still, they can also get damaged with bad habits. Just like our natural teeth, the crown on an implant can also be chipped or cracked when we use them for unnatural things. Biting down on hard objects, using our teeth to open or tear tough packages, or even chewing on ice can damage your implants as well as reduce their longevity. Also, if you have teeth clenching or grinding issues, our professionals can get you a customized night guard to keep your teeth and oral health safe.

Keep Regular Dental Checkups

You cannot always know about everything that goes on in your mouth, and that is why you need to keep up consistent dental checkups with our professionals. We can always monitor the implant to see if anything is wrong and do a deep cleaning to remove all of the plaque your home care could not get. Caring for your implants should not only be your responsibility, so reach out to us at Amherst Village Dental today at 603-769-8985 to learn more.

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