Bioesthetic Makeover

Are you unhappy with your appearance due to the misalignment in your jaw? If you have an under or overbite or you experience uneven chewing when eating, you may benefit from a bioesthetic makeover.

Dr. Ang will use bioesthetic dentistry to correct your alignment. This treatment will improve the appearance of your jaw while relieving facial pain as well.

Bioestheic Makeover

By getting the jaw and teeth into proper position, her headaches and tooth pain ceased and her whole face changed dentistry techniques

Take Years Off Your Appearance

If you’ve ever seen the effects of a facelift on a person’s appearance, you know the dramatic difference it can make. This enhancement process is known to tighten saggy skin, create defined cheekbones, and give your face a slimmer appearance.

A bioesthetic makeover will shift your jaw forward or backward so that it’s symmetrical with the other parts of your face. By correcting your bite and realigning your jaw, your facial shape will be elongated and slimmer, making you look younger than before. The treatment will also help eliminate wrinkles that might’ve been formed due to stress.

Relieve Tension In Your Face

A misaligned jaw can cause tension in your eyes, cheeks, and mouth. It can also make it painful or difficult to chew or speak. The unevenness can cause your muscles to overcompensate and become sore. When your muscles are tense and being overworked, this often causes stress as well.

Once he gets to the root of the issue and discovers the cause, Dr. Ang can correct the problem by providing you with a bioesthetic makeover. This will eliminate pain and restore functionality and comfort, allowing you to confidently perform everyday tasks.

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If you want to transform your face and appear younger, receiving a bioesthetic makeover can help you achieve this. Dr. Ang will realign your jaw and enhance your appearance.

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