Adult Orthodontics

When orthodontics is discussed, most people think of children. While the majority of patients are indeed children, in recent years, there has been a huge influx of adults who are looking to correct their orthodontic problems. Also, at one time there was a huge stigma attached to those patients wearing braces, but that is going away.

The study of proper jaw function and teeth alignment is known as orthodontics. If a patient has alignment problems with their teeth being out of alignment or if they are not symmetrical, they can cause problems resulting in pain and discomfort in the mouth and jaw. If patients suspect they may have a need for orthodontics or are just wanting to find out the options available, they can always come to our office at Amherst Village Dental.

Why Are Orthodontics Such A Big Deal?

Most people only see the outward results of orthodontics or the visible treatment protocols such as braces. While most adults might think braces are vain, they are in fact more important than that. With braces, teeth can be made symmetrical and jaw functionality can be improved as can smiles. Teeth that are straight are easier to care for. There are fewer places for food to collect leading to potential tooth decay and they are much easier to brush and floss. This helps to limit the chances for tooth decay and also hinders the progression of periodontal disease which can lead to other health complications like diabetes, stroke, or even heart disease.

Managing Treatment Regiments

One of the biggest unknowns patients want to know is how long they will need to wear braces. Due to technological upgrades and improvements, patients no longer need to wear braces for multiple years. Typically, most braces are off in less than 18 months. Granted the length of time will depend upon the level of orthodontics necessary to correct the problems.

There are a number of different braces solutions, each one utilizing the same gentle pressure to shift the teeth into their correct places. While traditional braces are what everyone envisions, today’s braces are much less obtrusive. Some still use brackets that are glued to teeth and apply pressure through what is known as an archwire which attaches to each bracket. There are also aligners which are trays that fit over the teeth and shift teeth with gentle pressure. Another device is self-ligating braces which use a wire that slips through a clip attached to the bracket. Also, another style is called lingual braces which are like traditional braces except they are attached to the inside edge of the teeth.

For patients, the closer they abide by the instructions given while undergoing treatment, the less time they will have to wear braces, and the quicker they will complete treatment. Adults tend to have a much higher success rate with braces than do children because of their investment in the treatment.

Reach out to us at Amherst Village Dental to find out the details about adult orthodontics. We can discuss the available options, such as Invisalign or braces, and make a treatment plan. Call us at 603-769-8985 to get things started with your first appointment.

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