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Impacts of diabetes on your smile

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Amherst Village Dental
Impacts of diabetes on your smileIt has been evident that the mouth is the window to the entire body. The oral cavity gives clues on illnesses affecting other body parts; for example, diabetes and being diabetic means the body cannot either produce or use insulin. High sugar levels in the body can impact how the body fights oral bacteria. This build-up could bring further complications to the mouth.

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Diabetes left uncontrolled could cause the mouth to be dry. A dry mouth also causes tooth decay alongside other dental implications. Decreased saliva in the mouth could cause sores and ulcers. If exposed to bacteria in the mouth, Sores and ulcers could turn to tumors benign or malignant.

Diabetic people have a high risk of gum inflammation. Gingivitis and periodontal diseases are caused by bacteria build-up. Diabetes thickens blood vessels, making it slow for nutrients and waste to flow in and out of the body. This generally weakens the body's ability to fight diseases causing periodontal and gum diseases.

Diabetic people have to take antibiotics to counter various bacterial infections frequently. These make it easier to experience thrush in the mouth and tongue. A burning sensation in the mouth and tongue is a symptom of thrush. The fungus that causes the thrush thrives well in the high glucose saliva levels of people with diabetes.

Aside from impacting smiles, diabetes also makes it difficult for people to heal from oral diseases. It is even worse for people with diabetes who smoke as they expose their mouth to a wide range of diseases like tooth decay and immature falling off. They are also at risk of developing thrush and other periodontal diseases. Recovery from dental procedures is often lengthy.

How diabetics can maintain their smiles

It is crucial for people with diabetes to take care of their oral health. Bad oral hygiene practices worsen their general health. Bacteria build-up in diabetic people acts out more severely and leads to eventual teeth loss, discomfort, and other oral diseases that affect their smiles. Regular dental cleanings and treatments could help them manage the implications and risks of their oral health.

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