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Gum disease and Alzheimer's

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Amherst Village Dental
Gum disease and Alzheimer'sAlzheimer's involves having dementia especially among the elderly in society. Dementia affects the mental functioning of the body and skills and has a great connection to gum disease and general oral health. Our dental team will provide more information on Alzheimer's and how to take care of oral health or of any family member who has Alzheimer's.

Periodontitis and Alzheimer's

Having dementia can cause you to have gum disease and this affects those with Alzheimer's. If you have dementia you are likely to forget things including general oral care like brushing and flossing of the teeth. If you skip oral hygiene like flossing and brushing, then plaque and tartar will build up in between the teeth and will lead to gum disease. The plaque and tartar eat up the gum tissue surrounding the teeth and after having gum disease you are likely to lose the teeth. The elderly are likely to have gum disease for they suffer more from dementia. Periodontitis which is more severe compared to gingivitis will cause a health hazard if not treated. If you have dementia, then this is likely to affect you more by losing of the teeth and even receding of the gums. The dentist will guide you on how to deal with gum disease and dementia.

Oral health and Alzheimer's

When you know the relationship between Alzheimer's and oral health you will know how to take care of oral health. If you are a caregiver, dental professional, or older person then you need to be aware of the connection of Alzheimer's to dental health. Our dental team will educate caregivers and all those involved in taking care of oral health when you have Alzheimer's. Visit our dental team to receive maximum oral care and we will assist in the prevention of other ailments like diabetes.

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