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Cracked Tooth Repair

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Amherst Village Dental
Cracked Tooth RepairA dense network of nerves and blood vessels makes up the pulp within our teeth. In irritated teeth, the pulp becomes one of our most sensitive body parts. When we have a cracked tooth, we may feel pain as a symptom. Cracked teeth need immediate attention. If you ignore the symptoms of a cracked tooth, you may eventually experience infection and even tooth loss.

Why Do Teeth Crack?

There are several reasons for teeth cracking, just as there are reasons for chipped teeth. Accidents or blows to the mouth sometimes crack strong teeth. Sometimes, a tooth is first weakened before it cracks. Your teeth weaken as you age due to daily forces of biting, chewing, and grinding. Your weakened tooth might even crack before you even realize it.

Types of Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth come in several different varieties. Cracked teeth are approached differently by your dentist depending on the type, location, and severity of the crack. Broken teeth can be classified into five different types: craze lines, fractured cusp, cracked tooth, split tooth, and vertical root fractures. Diagnosing and locating a cracked tooth can be a frustrating experience. During a dental exam, cracked teeth may not be visible or visible on x-rays. It also turns out that our brain is not good at locating the exact source of tooth pain in our mouths. Do you have pain in the top teeth or the bottom teeth? Our brains are not always sure what is going on. This can lead to the confusion of cracked teeth with sinus pain, headaches, and earaches. The dentist will use a small item to determine the location of a cracked tooth, like a wooden dowel or a plastic stick. To highlight fracture lines, the dentist may also use a light or dark dye.

Fixing a Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth can be saved if treated as soon as possible. With biting and eating, a crack in your tooth can expand, eventually transforming into a split tooth. Cracks in your tooth can lead to decay if they become large enough. Leaving tooth decay untreated can lead to an infection spreading to the pulp, eventually resulting in the death of the tooth. A cracked tooth can be repaired in a variety of ways depending on its location and type. The crack might not need to be repaired and some teeth may need to be filled or crowned to prevent further damage.

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