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Adults Can Benefit from Braces As Well

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Amherst Village Dental
Adults Can Benefit from Braces As WellMost people associate braces with children and teenagers. While braces are most commonly worn by nine- to fourteen-year-olds, adult braces are becoming increasingly widespread. In fact, there is no age limit for wearing braces, and over one million adults wear braces today. Here are some reasons why adults may want to consider braces.

Braces Do More Than Just Improve the Look of Your Smile

The obvious reason many adults would choose to get braces is to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth and improve the appearance of their smile. However, braces are beneficial for correcting more than just cosmetic concerns. Bite and alignment issues often cause pain and uneven pressure on your jaw, which can lead to jawbone deterioration and TMJ disorders. Crooked teeth or teeth that stick out in the wrong direction are more susceptible to chipping and breaking, and they are likely to damage neighboring teeth as well. Additionally, adults with too much or too little space between their teeth may have a hard time cleaning their teeth effectively, leaving them vulnerable to oral health problems like cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Braces are highly effective at fixing issues with tooth spacing and alignment, no matter how old you are.

Traditional Braces Are Not the Only Option

It is understandable why many adults would not want to wear traditional braces that feature metal brackets and rubber bands. Luckily, there are several alternatives available today, meaning that adults do not have to forgo orthodontic treatment out of embarrassment or aesthetic concerns about braces. Some of these options include clear braces or aligners such as Invisalign, porcelain braces, and braces that go behind your teeth instead of on the front. Plus, most adults who wear braces only need them for a period of less than two years.

Whether your parents could not afford for you to get braces as a child or you delayed orthodontic treatment for another reason, it is not too late to fix your dental concerns. If you are interested in learning more about getting braces as an adult, contact our office today.

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